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Niron Real Estates, offers an exclusive property portfolio in Cyprus, ranging from spectacular sea side villas and apartments, elegant hill top villas, and prime location apartments. With a selection of more than 300 projects to choose from, we are certain that we have the right property for you.

We offer a comprehensive package that includes:
• Inspection visit
• Assistance in property viewing and property selection
• Legal assistance with the contract and the immigration permits
• Property Management
• Rental Services
• Resale Services

Cyprus Permanent Residency

  • Non European Citizens who are buying property for residency at a value of minimum €300,000 + vat are entitled to residency.
  • No need to reside in Cyprus.
  • Fast process (only two months).
  • Language examination is not required.
  • Ability to reside in Cyprus with no limitation.
  • Free education for children.
  • Ability to establish a business.
  • The right to request citizenship in due time.
  • The Residency is applicable to you, your spouse, children and grandparents.

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Cyprus Investment Program – becoming a Cypriot citizen
Investing in property in Cyprus in accordance with specified criteria, will enable becoming a citizen of Cyprus, securing the future status of the Family, protecting its wealth and freedom.

  • Option 1: Purchase properties for a value of €2 million (+vat).
    From it €500,000 (+vat) that the buyer must keep as a residence. The other €1.5 million (+vat) can be other properties that the buyer must keep for 3 years. During those 3 years the buyer can rent the properties out if he/she wishes. After the period of 3 years, the buyer can sell those properties.
  • Option 2: Buy a single property for €2 million (+vat).
  • Cypriot citizens enjoy the freedom to live, work and visit any place in the European Union and Switzerland.
  • Cyprus is a member of the European community which emphasises human rights and personal freedom.
  • Citizenship will be granted within a period of 5 months after the investor submits his/her application.
  • Confirmation of citizenships are issued to the investor, spouse and to dependent children up to age 28 given that they are studying.
  • Cyprus allows dual citizenship.
  • There is no inheritance tax in Cyprus.
  • Cypriot passports holders are allowed to travel in more than 169 countries without visa.
  • Enable business access to 500 million European citizens.

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